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How it Works

How it works

It's pretty simple: you share the name and email of a referral, we reach out to set up a meeting and you receive:


How it works

if the company you referred is qualified & takes a demo with us.

Our IT Expertise


Onsite Support

- On-Site in three hours, guaranteed

- Transparent Communication

- Reduce Downtime


Remote IT Helpdesk Support

- Unlimited support tickets

- 10 minute initial response guaranteed

- No time wasted on self diagnosis


Network Management

- Reduce downtime

- Proactive network monitoring

- Hardware implementation


Device & Inventory Management

- Automated device provisioning

- Real-time visibility into device health

- Zero Trust


Security & Compliance

- Enforce organization-wide security

- Improve auditing

- Security & compliance partners


Monitoring and insights

- Real-time visibility into user requests

- Identify vulnerabilities

- 24/7 access to reporting


Procurement & Onboarding

- Customize by department

- Increase employee productivity from Day 1

- Instantly give & revoke user access


Strategic Projects

- Project management team

- Done at cost without hidden fees

- Done at cost without hidden fees

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